One gift hidden with a life crisis is that it pushes you to do things outside your ordinary. When things don’t go your way, you find yourself with too much time between uncomfortable now and whatever comes next, and you agree to do things you might otherwise pass over.

Case in point, I recently went with two friends to the movies. The act of going with them to see a film is not unusual, the difference was the film choice. My dear friend T. enjoys musicals, and while I love this about her, I generally don’t love a storyline…

Efforts in understanding seem to ensnare us these days. We want to understand ourselves, each other, the whys and the hows, and the often distressing happenings in the world around us. We work to understand, and to understand what we should do in response. Sometimes, there are no words. …

Kate Norgang

nurse, traveler, writer, open water swimmer, driftwood collector

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